#044 Take turns paying.

Hate to break it to you, but women can pay for dates too. If you're both successful, working adults, why not take turns paying? It's not the 1800s anymore where men have to court women and bend over backwards to win their favor. Nowadays, relationships are much more 50/50. Treat your guy to dinner at his favorite sports grill. Treat your girl to a dinner and Rom-Com. It's called being mutually interested for a reason. Does your guy insist he pay for everything? Let him. Does it really bother you that he does that? Bring it up and see it there's something in particular he wouldn't mind you paying for-he pays for dinners and movie tickets, and you pay for the snacks and drink at the movie. Does it bother you that she never pays for anything? Mention it in a polite way and discuss it. If he/she feels strongly that they shouldn't pay for anything, think about if you can keep up with that lifestyle.

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