#084 Plan a food crawl.

Do you enjoy dining out, but find that the “dinner date” becomes rather mundane after a while? Consider putting a creative spin on dining out. Instead of spending the entire evening in one location, embark on a food crawl!

Surprise your date by introducing them to some of your favorite dining venues. Settle in at your first designated restaurant, and enjoy a scrumptious appetizer together. Just when they think it’s time to order the main entrée, wisk them off to the next dining spot on your route. After feasting on the main course, dash off to the next location, to indulge in some decadent deserts. Choose a romantic setting to wrap up the evening, where you can relax and enjoy one another’s company over a delicious coffee or after dinner drink.

Another option is to let them in on the surprise, and pick a theme together. “New dining experiences”, “sports bar”, or “patio dining” crawl themes would all be fun ideas to try. Bon Appétit!

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