#077 Share your passions.

Back in college, I had a roommate who absolutely hated cooking, or so she thought. She survived on dreary peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and pizza take out. One afternoon, she bounced through the door, giddy with excitement. She’d met someone she really liked! As she and her new beau spent more and more time together, they began sharing the things that they were passionate about. She was surprised to discover that he was a gourmet cook! His favorite outdoor activity was visiting local farmer’s markets, where he enjoyed perusing through the colorful array of fresh produce. My roommate often tagged along and, not knowing a stranger, soon became fast friends with many of the area farmers. When he prepared meals for her, she would hang out in the kitchen just to “keep him company”. Before she knew it, she was preparing some mighty fine meals all on her own. She later told me that cooking was an “art” and that she loved the entire process! Who knew?

Share your passions with those you care about! After all, they reveal the essence of who you are! Opening up to one another will nurture connection, and help you discover shared interests.
And, if you are open, you may discover a whole new world of exciting possibilities!

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