#072 Be mindful of our disposable world.

This dating tip isn’t meant to be negative, it’s just meant to suggest that you proceed with caution when meeting new people. We live in a high paced, disposable world. We are always looking ahead for the newest, sleekest, and coolest thing out there. How many people will suffer long hours in line for the iPhone 8 when they already have a completely loyal, perfectly dependable iPhone 6 or 7? Well, unfortunately there are those who are never satisfied when it comes to relationships either. You could be perfect in every way, and they would still be looking on the horizon for someone better. Luckily they show their hand fairly quickly, so pay attention! When dining out, are their eyes constantly wandering instead of focusing on you? Are they always commenting on how “pretty” or “handsome” other people are, even strangers? Do they look at their shiny new phone way more than they look at you? My advice? Don’t waste your time. Seek those who know how to value what they already have.

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