#071 Go Birding

While birding may conjure up images of a socially awkward person in full nerd attire, it is actually a really fun sport. It’s also a perfect and inexpensive way to spend a beautiful day with your date! You get to experience fresh air and sunshine in the company of someone you enjoy, while searching for birds and trying to identify them. And, you are sure to learn some fun and interesting bird facts along the way. There are cool phone apps to help you along, such as “IBird” which is available for both Apple or Android. Additionally, there are many excellent field guides out there, such as “The Sibley Field Guide to Birds” which you should be available find at your local library. Think of how much fun it will be to spend a day in nature, debating whether the wren you just sighted is a Carolina Wren or a Bewick’s Wren!

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