#069 Share the love!

Valentine’s Day is coming, and this often sends people into a panic, but it doesn’t need to! Some of the sweetest expressions of love, are also the simplest. A thoughtful card made by you, a day of pampering provided by you, a candlelight dinner prepared by you, a single rose given by you. As you can see, the key ingredient is YOU! The important thing is to take the opportunity, on this special day set aside just for love, to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

If you find yourself without a Valentine this year, think about expressing your compassion for those less fortunate. Consider spending the day at a local food pantry or soup kitchen, or snuggle some homeless animals at your nearby animal shelter. You will come away feeling better than you went in, I promise. Feeling better about yourself is sexy and chances are, next year won’t be spent alone.

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