#064 If you see a ghost, RUN!

If someone is ghosting you, the nicest thing you can do for yourself is to move on quickly. Seriously, do not dally!! I don’t care how cute, funny or smart they seemed when you met. I don’t care how “right” it felt, or how incredibly sweet they were. If they haven’t had the courtesy to responded to your texts, and have gone silent for days, shut, no SLAM the door on that experience, because you deserve so much better! If they resurface in a couple of weeks, telling you that their dear Aunt Millie was in the hospital, or their favorite dog got run over by a truck, don’t fall for it. The only good reason they could have for not responding back to you is that they had fallen into a coma, and even then I would need proof! Ever been watching a football game, and notice what fans are doing when the camera pans to the crowd? Over half of the people in the stands are messing with their phones! So trust me, they did receive your texts and yes, they could respond if they wanted to. Listen, you know the tired old excuse “it’s not you, it’s them”? Well, it really is “them”! They are not worth your time, energy, or one single tear of regret. This is someone showing you their true colors. I think Mia Angelou said it best,” When someone shows you who they are, believe them”.

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