#062 Search for hidden treasure

If your date is the outdoorsy type and loves adventure, consider taking them on a fun geocaching excursion. There are literally millions of geochaches hidden around the world, so you should not have a problem finding a neat area for the two of you to explore. Bring along sunscreen, comfortable shoes (such as hiking boots or tennies), bug spray, a pen or pencil, some inexpensive swag to trade, and your sense of adventure! You might also want to include rain gear if the weather looks iffy. Most importantly, don’t forget your smartphone, and make sure it is fully charged! Adding a little romance to the quest, is a sure way to earn bonus points. Create a special treasure trove just for your date, and include in it things such as a sweet note, meaningful little gifts, and/or tickets to a movie or play. Find a beautiful location near your geocaching spot and hide your cache prior to the date. Don’t place expensive items in your geocache, due to the remote possibility someone else could stumble upon it. When your treasure hunt winds to an end, provide your date with clues for finding your geocache, while you set up for the surprise picnic lunch that you had tucked away in your backpack! For more information about geocaching, check out geocaching.com.

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