#056 Sushi anyone?

If you want date number one to turn into date number two, make sure that first date involves sushi. According to a recent study, the magical combination of raw fish, wasabi and seaweed increase your chance of a second date by 170 percent! Who knew sushi was so powerful? Researchers noted that there are actual scientific reasons for sushi power. According to Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who worked on the study, eating sushi is seen by people as adventurous, and this element of novelty increases dopamine levels in the brain. The fish contains omaega-3 fatty acids, which increases alertness and circulation, wasabi elevates your heart rate, and the iodine found in seaweed boosts testosterone levels. All this combined apparently leads to feeling energized and positive. So when you head out on that first date, make a bee line for the sushi bar!


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