#053 Don't be a Johnny on the spot.

So, you’ve been staring at your phone all week, hoping they will call to ask you out. At last, they call on Friday, to ask you out…….for Friday. What now? Resist the urge, and politely decline! Don’t get into the practice of accepting last minute dates. It screams “I’m a doormat”, and rewards bad etiquette. If you do not show that you value yourself and your time, you can’t really expect others to. Set the tone right from the beginning, that you aren’t available at the drop of a hat and that you do in fact, have a life. So don’t keep your social calendar clear and sit around twiddling your thumbs, waiting for someone to call. Keep living your life, have fun, see your friends, and continue doing the things you enjoy. If they really want to see you, they will learn that they need to make a true effort and call in advance. If not, they have shown you that they probably are not worthy of your time.

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