#052 Don't rush the gate.

So you’ve been going out with someone, and the chemistry is amazing! You have tons in common, and already feel like you can complete the other person’s sentences. Just hold your horses, as they say here in Texas! Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are in an exclusive relationship, when you are merely dating. You will have that horse running for the shelter of the barn lickety-split, leaving your butt in the dirt! Going into boyfriend/girlfriend mode right out of the gate is a sure fire way of freaking the other person out if you haven’t established whether you are in a relationship, especially if you barely know each other. Give things time to develop naturally! Down the road, when you’ve been dating for a while, look for things that may signal a change. Does the other person want to spend all of their free time with you? Have they asked you to meet their friends and family? Do they say “we” when they talk about future plans? Have they removed their online dating profile(s)? If so, this may be a good time to initiate some open and honest dialogue, and ask for clarification regarding the status of the relationship.

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