#050 Don't wait too long to meet.

So you’ve met someone online that you’ve really connected with. When should the two of you meet? Interestingly enough, research posted in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication found that the time of your first meeting is directly correlated to your chemistry! What does that mean? American researchers explained that there is an actual negative “tipping point”, which usually falls somewhere between 17 and 21 days after the first online message was sent. A survey of 433 online daters reported that the longer it took for someone to meet the person they were messaging, the greater the likelihood of them feeling disappointed and let down as a result. So, if you really like the person you’ve been communicating with, tip the scales in your favor and set up a meeting within the first 2 weeks. If your potential date stalls every time you attempt to set up a meet and greet, this should be a warning sign. They more than likely have insecurities or hidden agendas, and it might serve you better to just move on.

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