#049 Post Multiple Pictures.

You can quickly win or lose a person’s attention with your profile photos, so select them with care. The best advice? Be honest, and express yourself! Using photos that tell a story about your life, will increase your odds of meeting more people in person, because it gives viewers some insight into your personality. For example, choose photos of you which include the pets you love, your friends and/or family, and ones that express your sense of humor, hobbies and interests. These photos will show viewers the ways in which you are unique and interesting, far more than a one shot “selfie”. Always be honest and genuine by using recent photos, which accurately depict your age and physical appearance, and include at least one full body shot. Doing so shows confidence in who you are, which is a very attractive attribute. So, when you are out there enjoying life and the things you love, think about taking some great photos along the way! Share a little of this authentic life with others, and increase your chances of meeting that special someone who is truly right for you.

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