#031 Know when to say no.

In hand with tip #027, sometimes you have to dole out the rejection. Is someone else interested in you but the feeling isn't mutual? Say no to a date. Did someone randomly ask for your number at the bar? Say no. Worse than being outright honest about your feelings is lying or doing something out of pity. It might feel like you're disappointing them less, but it'll hurt more later. Of course, if you're already in a happy relationship or you've been on multiple good dates (with the same person), then consider saying "yes" to some situations (LoveStat Tip #013). Here are some situations where you should (almost) always say no: if it is harmful to you or your date; if it is dangerous; if it will make you extremely embarrassed or uncomfortable; if it will have repercussions on your career; if it goes against your morals.

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