Lovestat lit fire to my imagination one morning in the wee hours, in that surreal realm between sleep and awakening. I had fallen wearily into bed the previous night, exhausted from working a seemingly endless 12-hour shift in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). My body was dog tired, but my mind was reluctant to be quiet. It was racing with thoughts of the many changes and challenges in my hospital world.

You see, I had recently returned to Neonatal Intensive Care nursing after a long hiatus spent raising my 3 amazing sons. Upon returning, I was happy to note that the most important things hadn’t changed. My tiny patients were still as adorable as ever, and I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to care for them again. What had changed was the explosion of technology on all fronts. Gone were the days of paper charting, and now my day had become a balancing act between caring for my precious babies, and accomplishing a massive quantity of computer based tasks in a timely manner.

So, the fast paced work life of the nurse, just got faster, and time management was critical in order to survive! Of course, many changes had taken place on the home front as well. The most noteworthy were the rapid expansion of the internet, the commonality of the cell phone and now “smart phone”, and that all of my single coworkers, both young and seasoned, were using dating sites to meet potential partners, because they were just too busy to meet anyone the old fashioned way.

These were the thoughts keeping me up at night. LoveStat was born for you, my fellow health care professional. I hold you in the highest esteem, because you are fighting the good fight, putting in long hours day upon day, because you have a compassionate heart for others. Who better to meet, than those like you who understand how both grueling and rewarding your work days can be, how when you leave work, you always leave a little piece of yourself behind, and why even after a really bad day, you get up, put a smile on your face and go do it all over again.

I’ve seen both in my personal life, and the lives of many friends and colleagues over the years, that this type of relationship works! So, on behalf of LoveStat, that I love so much, we want to welcome you and tell you how very happy we are that you are here! So get out there, take time from your hectic lives to have fun, and find love STAT!