#041 Don't date a robot.

If the person you’ve just begun dating texts you frequently but makes no time to see you, warning bells should be clanging in your head. A little texting from time to time is fun and perfectly acceptable, but can never replace an actual date where a real relationship has an opportunity to develop. According to findings from several studies performed by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, only 7% of messages are conveyed through words. The other 93% of messages are conveyed through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, posture, hand gestures, etc). These findings suggest it would be next to impossible to develop a meaningful relationship if the majority of social interactions you have with one another are spent merely texting. Also consider this: there are people out there that get emotional fulfillment from texting, but it doesn’t’ mean that they necessarily want a relationship with you, and may not be texting you exclusively! So if all you are gleaning from the new person in your life is a bunch of text messages, you might think about texting back a one-word reply, “bye!”

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